January 2016
My Single Income Household Budget
My New Year: 2016

December 2015
My Self Enforced Gag Order
My Epic New Chapter

April 2015
My Book Review: "Manhood" by Terry Crews
My Quarter End Q1 2015
My Return

December 2013
My Quarter End: Q4 2013
My Book Review: "The Blessed Life" by Robert Morris
My Coming of Age
My Season of Giving

November 2013
My Career Choice
My Return

October 2013
My Amazingly Awesome Trip to the South of France
My Two Week Reset
My Cause for Celebration

September 2013
My Quarter End: Q3 2013
My Lovable Losers
My Disposable Income Reevaluation
My Adventures Along the Rhine
My Trip Across the Pond
My End of Summer Sabbatical

August 2013
My Healthier Frame of Mind
My Boomerang Take
My Techie Peers
My Short Fuse...The Exciting Conclusion?
My Short Fuse
My Super Summer Grocery Savings

July 2013
My Book Review: "Secrets of Closing the Sale" by Zig Ziglar
My Scary Meeting with a Financial Advisor
My Working Hesitancy
My Motor City Example
My Interviewing Marathon
My (Unintentionally Successful) Adventure in Networking
My Emotional Interview
My Marital Benefits
My Evolving Ambitions

June 2013
My Nashville Adventure...The Exciting Conclusion
My Quarter End: Q2 2013
My Nashville Adventure...Part I
My Well Oiled Budgeting Machine
My Book Review: "The Millionaire Mind" by Thomas Stanley
My Message to the High School Graduating Class of 2013
My Book Review: "Proof of Heaven" by Eben Alexander, M.D.
My Favorite Street Fest: Midsommarfest in Andersonville
My Weekend Getaway to: Shelbyville, Illinois

May 2013
My Book Review: "The Myth of Stress" by Andrew Bernstein
My Real Life Walkaway Power
My Mattress Hunting Expedition: The Finale
My Take On: Rising Student Debt Levels
My Book Review: "Start" by Jon Acuff
My Mother's Day Stepping Stone
My Career Track Chronicle?
My Mattress Hunting Expedition
My Tough Love for my Fellow Middle Classians

April 2013
My Evolving Priorities
My Quick Thought on: Home Renovation Loans
My Comparative Study
My Smart Money Week Adventure
My Joyful Memories
My Juicing Adventure
My Assessment on Financial Risk Management
My Shrewd Observation on the Usage of Credit Cards
My (financial) Faith
My Warmer Weather Plans
My Walkaway Power

March 2013
My Quarter End: Q1 2013
My Take On...Reverse Mortgages
My 10 Year Carless Anniversary
My Evolving Signs
My Baby Planning
My 4th (of 4) Daily Motivational Mantras
My Southern Californian Weekend
My Bull Market Attitude
My Getaway to Charleston, South Carolina

February 2013
My 2012 Federal Tax Bill
My Insurance Review
My 3rd (of 4) Daily Motivational Mantras
My Change in Giving
My Book Review: "Purple Cow" by Seth Godin
My Reverse Superman
My 2nd (of 4) Daily Motivational Mantras
My International Mutual Funds
My Super Fund Annual Checkup - 2013

January 2013
My Ongoing Learning
My Problem With Target Dated Mutual Funds
My 5 Year Anniversary
My 1st (of 4) Daily Motivational Mantras
My 2nd Ever FPU Group
My Relationship With Money
My Blue Collar Marital Hard Hat
My New Job
My Quarter End: Q4 2012

December 2012
My Book Review: "The Legend of the Monk and the Merchant" by Terry Felber
My Christmas Shopping Experience
My Christmas Priority
My Imminent Fiscal Cliff
Our Broken Heart
My Debt Free Trip to Hawaii

November 2012
My Christmas Shopping List
My Tortoise Thoughts
My Inflation Hedge
My Thanksgiving 2012
My Sickening Movie Experience
My Brief Point of View on Capitalism
My Well Spent Emotions
My Election Night Recap
My Missions Trip 2012: Homestead, Florida

October 2012
My Television Transitions
My Changing Goals
My Financial Planning Day Adventure
My Black Monday Reflections
My Budgeting Priorities
My First Couples Counseling Session
My Revitalizing Work
My Magical Emergency Room Adventure
My Growth as a Human Being
My Debate Night

September 2012
My Quarter End: Q3 2012
My Big 3
My Two Heartfelt Stories
My Incredibly Awesome Credit Score!
My Relaxed Weekend
My Event Review: Dave Ramsey's Entreleadership One Day Seminar
My 9/11 Memories
My FPU Facilitating Recap and FPU Part Deux
My US News Find
My Dumpster Diving Finds

August 2012
My Keys to Diversification
My Book Review: "Preparing Heirs" by Roy Williams and Vic Preisser
My Debt Free Staycation
My Biggest Fear
My Wife
My Trip Down Memory Lane
My 1st Debt Free Month of Marriage
My Budget Planning Tips
My Grocery Shopping Tips
My Philosophy on Renting vs. Owning

July 2012
My Retirement Withdrawal Strategy
My Approach to Investing
My Debt Free Wealth Building Strategy
My Resistance to Technology
My Life After Debt
My Ascent Out of Debt
My How To: Read Your Credit Report
My 4th of July
My How To: Pull Your Free Credit Report
My Quarter End: Q2 2012

June 2012
My Open Letter to: My Debt Free Wife
My Conquering of Stupid Tax
My Beef with Social (In)Security
My Free Lunch
My Book Review: "Quitter" by Jon Acuff
My Modest Middle of the Road
My Budget Friendly Adventuresome Weekend
My How To: Read a Mutual Fund Prospectus
My Trip to Charlotte

May 2012
My Budget Friendly Ohio Wedding Weekend Getaway
My Problem with Hyper Consuming
My Open Letter to: Occupy Chicago
My Total Money Makeover Live Event: Grand Rapids
My Spirituality
My Trip to Mars

April 2012
My Planned Transition
My Hometown
My Contribution to Financial Literacy Month
My Insightful Easter Weekend
My Springy Start

March 2012
My Quater End Q1 2012
My First Milestone
My Minimum Wage Project
My Unfrugal Origin Story
My Guest Celebrity Q&A: My Wife
My Power Over Purchase

February 2012
My Leap Year Post
My Thoughts on...Home Mortgages
My Tax Bill
My Refreshed Motivation
My (Future Kids') College Savings Plan
My (Thrifty) Clothes Shopping
My Thoughts on...The Facebook IPO
My Super Fun(d) Annual Check-Up

January 2012
My Retirement Planning
My Thoughts on...Finance Education
My Cash Based Life
My Gazelle Intensity
My Thoughts on...Single Stocks
My Wedding
My Back to Basics
My Annihilated Grocery Cart
My Year End 2011

December 2011
My Book Review: "How to get out of debt, stay out of debt & live prosperously" by Jerrold Mundis
My Book Review: "Good to Great" by Jim Collins
My Time-Out

November 2011
My Thoughts on...Shopping
My Weekend Adventure III: Pilsen
My Couchsurfing
My Book Review: "Entreleadership" by Dave Ramsey
My Giving
My Marketwatch Competition
My Book Review: "The Number" By Lee Eisenberg
My October Grocery Challenge: The Finale
My Public Transportation

October 2011
My Insurances
My Beef With Professional Sports
My Dream Home
My October Grocery Challenge: Weeks 3 & 4
My Happy Place
My Book Review: "The Total Money Makeover" By: Dave Ramsey
My October Grocery Challenge: Week 2
My Book Review: "Money Matters" by: Larry Burkett
My Spiritual Warfare AKA Occupy This!
My Quarter End: 3rd Quarter 2011
My October Grocery Challenge: Week 1

September 2011
My Book Review: “Mars and Venus Together Forever” By: John Gray
My October Grocery Challenge
My Broken Television
My Father's 65th Birthday Party
My Book Review: Debt-Free Living by Larry Burkett
My Adventure II: A September Weekend
My Book Review: "The Ultimate Cheapskate's Road Map to True Riches" by Jeff Yeager
My Flexatarianism
My Book Review: "Who Moved My Cheese" by Spencer Johnson
My Mackinac Vacation
My Book Review: "America's Cheapest Family" by Steve and Annette Economides

August 2011
My Motives
My Adventure: A Wedding Weekend
My Unemployment
My Rant: I Hate you Scott Bolohan
My Book Review: “Boundaries” by Henry Cloud and John Townsend
My Disdain for Debt
My Investor Starter Kit :)
My Take On...The Current Market
My Book Review: "The Millionaire Next Door" by Thomas Stanley and William Danko
My College Do-Over
My Budgeting

July 2011
My Dave Ramsey Obsession
My Beginning