Tuesday, June 4, 2013

My Weekend Getaway to: Shelbyville, Illinois

My fondness for off season travel seems to grow more and more with each trip. Recently we found ourselves in Shelbyville, Illinois and took in a leisurely getaway from the city.  Shelbyville is roughly 4 hours downstate from where we live on the north side of Chicago and although I still find myself getting used to the flatness of the Midwest, the transition from city to country was indeed picturesque.  Going along the highway we traded skyscrapers and urban neighborhoods for rolling green pastures and a little elbow room called acres of space.

I am also happy to report that our weekend adventure ran under budget. Between our car rental, gas, lodgings, and going out money, we ran about $150 below our expected expenses, each of which were significantly cheaper downstate.

It also helps that we enjoy the simpler things on vacation J!  For the most part we had access to a full kitchen and purchased groceries, avoiding eating out for every meal.  And in Shelbyville we really took the opportunity to enjoy the scenery.  My wife’s brother-in-law’s family took us out on a speedboat to take in the views on the Lake, and the sights of the quaint town here were pretty much next to nothing! Perhaps it is my scaled down lifestyle, but I really do enjoy the simpler things, especially on vacation. Just the thought of running from event to event and item by item on an itinerary makes me exhausted. Catching my breath for a weekend and kicking my feet up sounds a lot more enticing to me these days than an event filled vacation that I need a vacation from.

The backdrop itself gave us ample time to take in some sun on the beach, hang out on our lodgings’ patio deck, take a cruising tour through town, and catch up on some most needed R&R. And if I might add, being tied up with my wife in a car for 8 hours over a weekend isn’t so bad either. It gave us a chance to catch up, share some road trip laughs, and enjoy each other’s company that we miss out on during the week.

So for some R&R, some time away from the hustle and bustle of a city, and affordability, destinations like nearby Lake Shelbyville are definitely on my horizon.

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