Friday, May 11, 2012

My Total Money Makeover Live Event: Grand Rapids, Michigan

Up until this past weekend I have only experienced Dave Ramsey through his books, radio show and FPU course. I now can say I have experienced Dave’s energy and straight talk live. I was in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and along with 8,000 of my closest friends got to be apart of Dave’s Total Money Makeover Live Event.

For long time members of the Ramsey Nation there’s not a ton of new material covered. For us it’s kind of like going to a pep rally before the big game. Thankfully the steps to a total money makeover are common sense, hard to do but still common sense. But the energy, the vibe, Dave’s straight talk, it can’t help but pump you up. One of my favorite memories was waiting in line at the concession stand. I waited with my budgeted dollars in hand to buy a pop and a few waters, and as I got closer to the cashier my grin turned into a full blown bright and glowing smile. I saw no one pay with a credit card and the cashiers were starting to run out of coin change. I love being in the Ramsey Nation, seriously people, we need to build and move to our Atlantis ASAP. It seriously was a breath of fresh air being around so many other weird people just like me. Letting my mind wander during the breaks, it was unbelievable knowing that the Ramsey Nation is out there alive and well, and in working the baby steps and handling money God’s way, that in just a short decade or two we are going to change the world. It’s motivating to me to know that my wife and I aren’t the only ones out there working the steps.

For the newbie to Ramsey I can see how the material presented can be intimidating and overwhelming. Essentially Dave covers the material in FPU – his 13 week course- and boils it down to about five hours with two 20 minute breaks. Without much time to catch your breath, Dave blitzes you through the baby steps and in his fun style tells you the smart and biblical ways to handle your money.

My wife also got to meet and grab a photo with one of her favorite authors, Jon Acuff, and even got a copy of his book, “Quitter,” with what I refer to as a truly quality use of entertainment budget! J So whether you are brand spanking new or a long time Ramsey listener I highly recommend attending one of Dave’s live events, so get those travel budgets ready!

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