Friday, June 15, 2012

My Book Review: "Quitter" by Jon Acuff

Jon Acuff is brilliant. “Quitter,” gives an excellent insight into real world ways to pursue your dreams and eventually ditch the day job. Acuff even explores what filters to use to clarify your dream job and provides a plethora of indicators to note when to make the transition. This book delves into what a dream job means and dispels a lot of the common myths that we bring upon ourselves when living with our day jobs.

Perhaps my favorite piece of advice included the section though was, “Falling in like with a job you don’t love.” It spent a lot of time mapping out how to get to your dream job through the day job. I also reflected on my own and came to the conclusion that I am extremely grateful for the day job. Because of it I am debt free, have a great start to a secure retirement and am building my future for my wife and family. While reading the book I definitely had an attitude shift in how I saw the day to day gig.

In general I roll my eyes when people dispense their career advice. The phrases that irk me the most include: it’s whatever you want to make it, your career is in your hands and the ever ambiguous your future is however you plan it. In, “Quitter,” Jon provides real life practical application on how to get from A to Z, and what I consider most important, what Z should look like to you. “Quitter” is inspiring and thought provoking. Through it I’m a lot more confident in my pursuit of my dream job and appreciative as well as thankful for my current employer, thanks Jon Acuff! J

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