Monday, February 11, 2013

My Book Review: "Purple Cow" by Seth Godin

Lately all I have been able to think about has been purple cows and rhinoceroses. This post is about the purple cows.

Seth Godin’s, “Purple Cow” is one of the best reads I’ve had in this early year. It is incredibly motivating and certainly relatable on an individual level. With that said I have one negative critique that I’m sure will set off a firestorm with the Godin faithful: The first third of the book was unbelievably boring.

A lot of the open in this book is technical and speaks directly to business minds and entrepreneurs that keep the wheel that is our economy spinning. This is not me. I was a communications major in college, which might be the furthest thing from the business program. Seth, I don’t understand your charts and most of the info in those opening chapters went right over my head, especially when I went back over the material at an even slower pace.

But of course that’s not a knock on Godin, as much as it is an open statement that the business thinking functions of my brain are pretty much non-operational. But once I got past the technical part of this book, the advice, aspects, insight and guidance Seth provides is just about second to none.

The application of the purple cow I felt is not even restricted to the formal business settings. I drew a ton of correlations between my own personal walk and journey in life to the concept of the purple cow. Some of the main things that I took away from this book included: staying sharp with continual learning (whether formal or informal), constantly staying up to date on the skills I bring into the workplace and for that matter even shortfalls that I need to work on and to always seek out personal growth as a human being.

So in case there is any doubt in your mind, I assert that “Purple Cow” is a must read, especially after the first third of it!

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