Friday, February 8, 2013

My Reverse Superman

In “Quitter,” by Jon Acuff (a book that has been reviewed here), Jon talks about doing the reverse Superman act. The reverse Superman is when you go from doing what you love to your day job. In the book Acuff uses his own personal real life example of being a keynote speaker one night, catching the red eye home and walking into the day job the next morning. I experienced this during the week.

My 2nd FPU class wrapped up this past week and the last lesson always leaves a special place in my heart. But at this group’s last meeting it took on an even greater significance. As a group we had a round table discussion about what the class meant to us on an individual basis, and the response thoroughly left me in awe.

Couples shared about healing and better communication in their marriage. Singles talked about the empowerment they now have to review their personal finances with competence. And this one impressed me, as a few shared that even before this FPU class ended, they have been finding opportunities to help friends and family with needed financial guidance, sharing what they were learning along the way.

I felt energized, revitalized and in awe of how God is works through this program. I’ve been on my Total Money Makeover journey since 2009 and I am still blown away at how empowering and life changing this material is, especially when I see it reshaping and encouraging others. My wife and I stayed up that night about 2 hours past our bed time talking about the experience of facilitating the class. I was so pumped up and energized from being a part of what was experienced that I couldn’t go to sleep if I had tried.

The numerical end results were phenomenal as well. From a group that fluctuated around a dozen households, on average each household had an average change in financial position of $5,400! There was even one household that had a $17,000 change in financial position during the course of this class. Now that’s fun! Being a part of something that I believe in, getting to share it with others and see their lives transformed before my eyes is one of the best feelings in the world. And of course I’m already looking forward to the next round of FPU that my wife and I will be leading!

Now if there were only a way to do this type of thing full-time! 

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