Monday, December 17, 2012

Our Broken Heart

My heart, thoughts and prayers absolutely go out to anyone and everyone impacted by the shootings in Connecticut last Friday. I would be the first to admit that no amount of financial planning can mitigate the devastation that comes with the loss of life. As a prospective parent this real life tragedy was something I could have only envisioned in a nightmare.

I am not going to use this platform to politicize any kind of agenda. I am also going to refrain from talking about insurance options. Instead I want to extend my heart and soul to all of those impacted and say that you are on the forefront of my thoughts and prayers. My heart absolutely broke upon hearing this news. For too many years too many of our families have suffered through the loss of our children.

No amount of money and no thoroughly designed insurance policy will ever be enough to replace a family member. Even out here where I live I have began to question my own personal sense of safety and have began to question whether my personal faith in humanity has been completely shattered.

But then I see the attendance of makeshift vigils. I read the Op-eds from major news publications. I see comment feeds across social networks and other blogs like this one. And there is a glimmer of hope and an outpouring of love and support from those across this nation (and even world) that encourages me to write this today.

To the friends and families of those impacted from Columbine to Connecticut, I stand with you, I weep with you, I pray with you and I promise to do everything I can and within my power and control to bring joy, hope and peace into this world. I am not going to point blame at guns, policies or even at others. Instead I am going to look internally and ask myself how I am bringing positive change into this world. It may not be flashy. It probably will never grab news headlines. But at the end of my life I will stand before God and look back on my life and know that I cared, loved and supported my brothers and sisters in this world, especially during our darkest hours.


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