Sunday, August 4, 2013

My Super Summer Grocery Savings

Summer is without question a magical time of year in the Midwest. The sun is shining, the weather is warm, Lake Michigan is filled with beach goers, and in my tiny little corner of the world the best thing in the world is happening at my local grocery store. Yes friends, I am going hog wild at all of the affordable fresh fruit and vegetable options currently available to me.

Although in my debt busting days I held myself a lot more accountable to this rule, but I generally try to buy fruits and vegetables that are under $1 a pound, or within reason of that range. Well the magically thing about summer is that there is a plethora of yummy and delicious fruit offerings at my local market. I was so geeked at these offerings that I just had to snap a few shots and share with you the fine assortment of fresh fruits that are currently under $1 a pound at my local grocery store.

By and large I would say that our monthly grocery budget during the summer months has been firing on all cylinders. We are in a great groove of eating all of our fresh fruit and vegetables week to week without throwing out a single thing due to the food turning bad. In turn we did not increase our monthly entertainment budget for the summer months, so we’ve been on par with the rest of year regarding how often we go out to eat (which boils down to roughly once or twice a week).

So the majority of our meals of breakfast, lunch and dinner are home made throughout the week and weekends. And on a monthly budget of $400 for two people we have been routinely been coming under budget by about $30 every month. So that extra money has been a sweet cherry on top of our monthly savings to buy our first house. And with weekly food discounts like this you can bet we are going to finish the summer strong!

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