Friday, May 24, 2013

My Mattress Hunting Expedition: The Finale

So $1,527.29 later and we have a new Queen bed and admittedly splurged a bit on a couple of new pillows. Although left to my own devices I would have probably ended up in the cheapest twin bed floor model that I could find, my wife’s desire for comfort trumped my push for frugality. All in all I am happy with the choice. My biggest concern as we price shopped and bounced between four different stores was my wife’s comfort. On our current bed there is a bit of a sinkhole that probably has kept us from getting a proper night’s sleep over the last few years. But the main driving force behind my approval to bend the budget, was thinking of my wife one day being pregnant on our bed and getting a comfortable night’s rest for 9 months. Happy wife, happy life is a mantra that I’ve been finding truer and truer as our marriage continues.

We did end up in what I consider a win-win scenario even though we ended up paying more than our previous limit. The price charged for our bed was $999 which was about $600 below market price on this bed when we did our homework online with other retailers. That $999 price also included the box spring, frame, delivery and removal of our current mattress.

What pushed us over the top were those darn pillows! When my wife rested on the bed we would end up purchasing and the sly salesman placed the “specialized” cooling pillow under her head, I knew I was done for. The odd thing was that I wasn’t die-hard resistant to the added cost. The comfort of my wife and the imagery of her getting a consistent good night’s sleep was really all the convincing I needed. But that didn’t stop her from using one of my favorite lines on me for a change.  In a gentle and genuinely loving tone she told me, “We have a net worth of over $300,000 – we can afford the mattress.”

To accommodate the extra cost that we were not planning we actually pulled the difference from our emergency fund, which is generally filled with 6 months of expenses for us. We have prioritized all of our disposable income to replace the amount take out from our emergency fund, and the emergency fund will be made whole within a few pay periods.

Although this is definitely not the way I have nor plan to make future purchases, for just this once I gave the nod of approval to my wife. I genuinely expect this method of purchase to be a one-time occurrence. But knowing that we can get a good night’s rest on a mattress just a few days earlier than expected actually trumped my anxiety from taking cash out of the emergency fund for something that was not an emergency.
In a matter of weeks the emergency fund will be refilled, and if push came to shove and a catastrophic event occurred in our lives, we have health insurance and over $100,000 in non-retirement accessible funds to draw from on top of our briefly depleted emergency fund. So in that context I felt okay drawing from the emergency fund to make the purchase a little early.

And yes paying $1,527.29 in cash felt awesome. So awesome that we were even taken aback by a question from the sales guy, which was, “are you guys in the restaurant business?” We came to find out that his family had a background history in the restaurant business, and his father was Dave Ramsey crazy before Dave was cool. The sales guy’s father never used debt and paid cash for everything. Just between you and me, on that note alone I would have paid retail for the mattress and pillows just to bump up that guy’s commission!
Aside from a few medical bills this is probably one of the biggest, if not the biggest single purchase that we have made since hopping on the Dave Ramsey train. We had a plan in place, did our homework, shopped around, bought an item below market value, got a few goodies like free delivery and removal thrown in and splurged on “specialized” pillows.

Overall, I’d say it was a win-win for us as well as the retailer. We got a great bed at an excellent price, some pillows that helped cushion the margin for the retail establishment and we genuinely enjoyed the buying experience.

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