Monday, October 3, 2011

My October Grocery Challenge: Week 1

My October grocery challenge got off to a stellar start. Being limited on time during the weekend, Saturday in Michigan and Sunday back in Chicago, we were short on time to take the bus to Aldi, and opted for our local grocer “The Market Place.” This is what I would consider a higher end grocer that runs limited sales and avoid this place like the plague when needing to restock heavily for groceries. So before my wife and I stepped out our door, we set our meal plan for the week:

Lunches at work: Leftover vegetarian chili from the prior week
                            Freshly home-made lentil soup
                            Snacks of apples, pretzels, and (for me) PB&J
Dinner options for the week: Vegetarian Boca-burgers
                                                Fresh homemade green salad
                                                Homemade Pizza
            Obviously I have learned to enjoy leftovers. Thankfully we were under budget for September’s groceries and were able to stock up on solid amounts of items entering the dreaded 5 weekend month of October, so went in for essentials and “need to have” items.
1.      Romaine Lettuce: Yes Jeff Yeager, I am following the only buy produce at $1 a pound and under rule, and I still love it
2.      Boca-burgers: Best vegetarian burger option around. With chicken and cheeseburger flavors, EVERY time these are on sale my wife and I are sure to grab at least a few!
3.      Plum Tomatoes: Also under a dollar a pound and are excellent additions to our salad and fresh pizza for the week
4.      Loaf of wheat bread: Currently I’m eating my way thru half a loaf in our fridge, have a full loaf in the freezer, and grabbed this guy as insurance as it was on sale. If I had gone to Aldi I may have grabbed 2 or 3 of these
5.      Buffalo Mozzarella: Happy wife = happy life
6.      (2) Dozen Eggs: My nemesis. Yes you are cheaper in just about every state around me, but I’ll best you one day.

So our total for the 1st week ended at $22.08, leaving a remaining balance of $317.92 with four weeks to go. And yes, I LOVE paying cash!

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