Friday, January 18, 2013

My 2nd Ever FPU Group

Hello out there to all of my awesome readers out there! I know that you have been on pins and needles awaiting my next post and so have I. My transition to a new job at work is taking up a more generous amount of time than I had anticipated and I have not been able to give this endeavor the love and attention that it deserves L

But alas I am happy to be writing again today. Today I want to spend a bit of time sharing (without too much detail) about the current FPU group that I am leading. We went old school with this session and are completing Dave’s 13 week version. We are 3 weeks out from finishing and I have looked forward to and have enjoyed each passing week being able to gather and share this material with my church family.

This past week we covered retirement and college planning and the discussion that ensued was inspiring to me. Each week in itself it is a blessing to watch our little group mold and snowball into a support system for one another as the time carries along.

In retrospect even when participants cross examine the Ramsey ways, it is a questioning that genuinely springs from a loving concern of spirituality. One participant was interested in exploring and reconciling the concepts of building wealth and God’s messages of living within one’s means. And before I could open my mouth another participant began to share their ideas about what our world would look like if Christians who were inspired by the Spirit built for themselves and possessed wealth on levels that would make King David blush. Giving would increase on unprecedented levels and the private sector would out give the government - not to mention be better at it!

My jaw pretty much dropped (I hoped no one noticed) but I was completely moved at how organically the group is moving in a direction together, to also share a view that money can be used as a tool to further God’s kingdom on Earth.

I can’t wait for our next gathering but at the same time I don’t want it to end. And this is only the 2nd FPU course that I have ever facilitated. The power and influence of consumer empowerment with handling financial resources truly is picking up steam, and even motivated me to MAKE TIME to write a post to help in this mission.

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