Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My October Grocery Challenge Weeks 3 & 4

Alas I have succumbed to the rise and fall of recent weather conditions here in the Mid-West and find myself sick. Would it lead to being a budget buster during my October grocery challenge? Thankfully, no, it (so far) has not. Though weak and unable to make the voyage that includes a bus ride and dragging a rolley-cart to my favorite place in the world (Aldi), my wife and I shopped at our local grocer and Walgreen’s. For Week 3 we hunkered down and used our cabinet supply of inventory that we had on stock and got out to shop for week 4. Highlights of this trip: Vegetarian burgers on sale, apples/squash and cucumbers each for under $1 a pound. My relentless coughing and sneezing (yuck, I know) lead to a need for more facial tissues, which, thankfully were on sale. My personal favorite though, a 100 count of tea bags for $2.49. That’s 2 cents for a teabag, which in perspective, makes me question my local (albeit great) tea lounge and their rates for a single cup of tea for about the same price that I paid for a 100 count.
            Our total spending for the week came out to $90.29, a current month total cost of $167.24, leaving our October grocery budget with a remaining $172.76. So with one week to go in the typically tough 5 weekend month, we are on pace to hit my dream goal of being near $200 total spent for my wife and I. Will we make it? Will my craving for vegetarian burgers bust the budget? Will I regain the strength to make it to Aldi for week 5? Stay tuned…

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