Tuesday, September 4, 2012

My Dumpster Diving Finds

When you’re a frugal fury fighter dumpster diving becomes somewhat of an art. Over the past few years I have not only saved a few items from the landfill, but I have also added some nice pieces to my living room décor which I am happy to share with you today.

Exhibit #1 & 2 TV and television stand

Now while it’s true that this television only plays DVD’s and picks up no channels, I still love it as well as the stand it sits on. The TV we picked up via freecycle and the stand sat beside the apartment dumpster with a sad look on its face, longing for a new home.

Exhibit #3 The Table

This guy actually has a pretty neat story tied to it. About three years ago my wife and I were going through Crate and Barrel, not to shop but to get ideas on how to arrange our apartment. While on that trip my wife came across this very same coffee table at a very insane Crate and Barrel price. Fast forward to earlier this summer and during the move out season this very same table stared us down as we were leaving for the gym one night. I told my wife if it was still there when we came back then it was ours. It is now ours. Take that Crate and Barrel and your insanely high marked up prices!

Exhibit #4 The Dresser

This piece took a while to grow on me but I am starting to think it livens up the living room a bit. This dresser was also tossed aside near our apartment dumpster during a move out (are you seeing a trend yet).

So with a little patience and a keen eye you too can outfit your place with some new additions just by paying attention, which at the end of the day costs a lot less than anything at Crate and Barrel J

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