Thursday, October 11, 2012

My Revitalizing Work

This week was the kickoff for the 2nd Financial Peace University class that I am facilitating. And I have to say that I am again thoroughly impressed and happily taken back by the power and influence of this personal finance course. The free flowing discussion and stories of each individual truly stirs my soul and solidifies to me that this is a program that needs to reach as many households as possible.

While I believe that Dave’s principles in building wealth are the way to go, I believe an even stronger benefit of FPU is that this course breaks down the walls and taboos about discussing personal finance in an open setting. I grew up in a household where my parents kept all of their finances separate and we never talked about money. As a result when I came into being adult I was saddled with over $20,000 in debt, looking into a future of trying to afford a wedding and buy a house, and being overcome with fear and desperation.

But there is hope and a way to fruition. It takes a lot of hard work and discipline but it is definitely worth it. The start of a new FPU class has so far taken me directly back to my first days when being introduced to the world of Ramsey. The remarkable thing to me is that I went through learning the material with my wife. And now we get to introduce this material to people with our home church as the setting with a community of people that are in essence family. I certainly think there’s potential for our FPU’ers to latch onto the material even stronger and faster than I did.

It is so inspiring to me to have the amazing blessing to be a part of this process. Even after a long day of work on shortened sleep, come FPU time I perk up and could literally facilitate the class for HOURS UPON HOURS if they let me. It energizes and revitalizes my soul seeing the taboo of talking about personal finance become broken before my very eyes.  

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