Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My Leap Year Post

February has ended up being quite the fun month for me. Between finance committee meetings at church, valentine’s with my wife, get-togethers with a few friends and hosting a weekly small group, I’m ending the month looking back on it as a socially active one, but still energized.

I’ve made good on a resolution to put myself “out there” more to build friendships and it appears to be working. The odd thing is that I’m enjoying all of it. Even better is that on the horizon my wife and I are cleared to host Dave Ramsey’s FPU at our church and will be facilitating our first class in the spring. And we’re going to get our first look at everything that is Charlotte during the spring. Oh, and we might have an awesomely cool roommate for two months in the summer, but more on that later if and when it happens!

But so far I’ve loved and enjoyed playing host to people at our apartment. I suppose opening your home to people is a pretty decent metaphor for opening yourself up to other people. I have felt really relaxed and confident lately in myself and my abilities, and that’s even before taking into consideration the monster January and February jump in the stock market!

Baby talk has also kind of dominated our household as of late. One of my brother’s and his wife are expecting their first around St. Patrick’s Day, and my wife’s youngest niece, 4 months old, for the first time in her young life is off medications and relatively healthy. With the topic being fresh on our minds almost daily, my wife and I have had our share of family planning discussions. For me, I wouldn’t be disappointed or sad one bit if my wife told me she were pregnant right now. In fact I think I would be really happy. 9 months from today, we will be 2 months into a debt free marriage, we have had our costs under control for years now and we’ve had lots of practice to master our budgets. Although ideally this is something I would specifically want in 2-3 years, it wouldn’t hurt if our hands were forced to bring a life into the world today J

I’m looking forward to the rest of this year and in fact this time next month. I expect to surpass the quarter of a million dollar mark by the end of the quarter and will happily provide my insight and forecast to the market. But for now I say bring on Spring!  

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