Thursday, November 22, 2012

My Thanksgiving 2012

There’s a lot for me to be thankful for this year. As I have become an adult and the years begin to fly by each year around this time I have found myself becoming more and more reflective about what I am thankful for. 2012 will definitely go down as a memorable year as I look back on it. This is the year my wife and I became debt free together. I have become more involved in my church and began facilitating Financial Peace University to help lead others down the road to financial freedom. My 20 something nephew stayed with us over the summer and I like to think he walked away from his experience with some nuggets of wisdom drawn from the example of our living below our means lifestyle.

So what am I especially thankful for this year? I’d have to say for opportunity. For God knocking me on the head and somehow allowing my thick skull to be open to his ideas on how to handle money and follow the example of a biblical steward. I am thankful for my wonderful wife who strengthens me day in and day out and is the truest example of the woman described in Proverbs 31. She is my everything and I love her with every bit of my being. I thank God for second chances. I know it may sound corny but I really mean it, I am thankful for my life and where it is right at this moment and the direction it is going.

And I genuinely wish a wonderful Thanksgiving to you and your family today. I am gratefully thankful to you for stopping by to read about my journey. I hope it generates discussion on personal finances and inspires you to join me on the total money makeover journey!

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