Friday, September 14, 2012

My Event Review: Dave Ramsey's One Day Entreleadership

First and foremost allow me to say that it was amazing and awe inspiring to be in an auditorium with some of the producers that make America great. This week I was in Indianapolis, Indiana in attendance at Dave Ramsey’s 1 day “Entreleadership” seminar. This event brought out small business owners and entrepreneurs, the real job creators of this country. The aura of the event was vastly different from the Total Money Makeover Live Event. Entreleadership was focused, intentional and I could feel that the participants in the room helped create an aura that was all about business. For me it was humbling and inspiring to be in a room with so many of the best and brightest in this country.

Although I myself do not own a formal business, there were a ton of great ideas and concepts to focus on when thinking about and building my personal brand that came from this one day seminar. Speakers at the event included the man, the myth, the legend himself Dave Ramsey along with Jon Acuff and Chris LoCurto.

Now the Entreleadership event in itself has a tough act to follow. The Total Money Makeover Live event provides tangible and real world steps to beat debt and build wealth. You can’t exactly translate that into a new forum to provide precise, “How to” steps in building a great company. But given the audience Entreleadership is targeting, I think the event is absolutely worth it.

At the event I was surrounded by producers, the real deal in people who create jobs and stimulate the economy. If they are Dave Ramsey fans then they know that there is neither get rich quick nor short cuts to anywhere worth going. The concepts presented in the one day seminar lead to a ton of internal dialogue and business assessment, almost like a process of connecting the dots to your own unique situation.

Now make no mistake, while the one day Entreleadership event provides a ton of great content, it is also a pitch to do the six day seminar version. Now while my wife would not personally use Ramsey’s company in the six day consulting environment, her family company did walk away with notes that lead to lots of discussion about direction and unity related to the family business. Ultimately, as I sat in on discussion, I believe that a few hinge moments were achieved. Of course Ramsey can’t spoon feed what business decisions will lead to success, but I feel that the material presented is solid in self-assessing your business and when unpacked with your team leads to reflection and discussion needed to get your business to the next level. I highly recommend it!

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  1. I'm going tomorrow and was surfing for reviews. Well done and thank you!