Thursday, July 19, 2012

My Resistance to Technology

I have been resistant to the advances of technology for quite some time. I currently do not own a phone nor a laptop for everyday use, and worst of all: I like it that way. That wasn’t always the way I used to function though. In college and my first few years in the work force, when I wasn’t with friends, in class or at work, I was glued to a social networking site and my phone.

But then I woke up. When starting my gazelle intensity and looking at my budget I examined every possible way to free up my income and cut unnecessary costs. This led me to kill the phone bill contract – yes I paid the “penalty” to do so – cut the cable and internet and cease the desire for a large flat screen TV. Ultimately this led me to a unique path where I ceased looking to electronics for my daily entertainment. Truth be told it forced me to develop existing relationships rather than stare at the TV or click away on my phone, plus there are some pretty cool stories along the way.


The very first television that my wife and I owned was a hand-me down 1970ish tube from my wife’s grandmother’s farm house. When we “upgraded,” we found for free through freecycle, we came across an in pretty good condition late 1990ish TV. A few years ago the digital upgrade happened across the country. Right around this same time we began our path to financial freedom. So when our TV went out we chose to not run out and buy an adapter nor upgrade and buy a TV. So to this day in our apartment sits our little television that really is more for show! J

Cell Phone

 I think I had always carried a phone on me since I was about a freshman in high school. And let me tell you looking back on it now, it is so freeing to be without a cell phone, I highly recommend it. Not having one has helped me develop patience and be intentional about whom I develop friendships with. Plus I was pleasantly surprised with how many places around town tell me what time it is, no watch needed either!

Cable & Internet

I used to be a TV, movie and YouTube nut. My days off and time away from work used to be wasted for hours upon hours staring at a screen. Now with my time I spend it talking to my wife about our days, dreams and goals, getting to the gym more often, and with my money I spend it on much more happier experiences than cutting a check to DirecTV.

 So I encourage everyone out there, BE WEIRD, it is a uniquely freeing existence.

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